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Nico Aspinall Consulting

I've been in the Defined Contribution (DC) industry for more than 15 years now, working at a variety of institutions from Trusts, Master Trusts, advisory firms and asset management. I've always been passionate about the need for DC to grasp behavioural finance and deliver pensions to people despite their lack of engagement and expertise. It is vital for DC providers to have views on what the default is meant to deliver; design it to deliver that in the most effective manner possible; and offer appropriate choices around the default that facilitate the most important needs of individuals.

As a qualified actuary I have also been working on Climate change and Sustainability through the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA), volunteering on literature reviews on resource depletion and the sustainability of the financial system, as well as roles chairing the Resource and Environment Board (now Sustainability); being elected to sit on Council, our governing body; and I am currently the deputy chair of the Finance and Investment practice board.

I am motivated by helping to improve investment management solutions in the DC market and by helping create solutions to use DC capital make our world more sustainable for the benefit of the members holding that capital. Please check out my pages on investment manager consulting and provider consulting to learn more about how I can help, and if you're interested, please use the contact button to send me an email - or come find me on LinkedIn.

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